Our Hopeﷺ, Our Prideﷺ, Our Masterﷺ

Our Hopeﷺ, Our Prideﷺ, Our Masterﷺ

Honor the Prophetﷺ while you still roam the lands
And hope that the Prophetﷺ will honor you
After you lay underneath the land

Raise the blessed Banner of the Prophetﷺ on this day
And hope that the Prophetﷺ will call you
To stand beneath his banner on that Day

Raise the name of the Prophet’s Familyﷺ
And hope that the Prophetﷺ will bring you
And your family into his safekeepingﷺ

Intercede for the needs of his Ummahﷺ
And hope that the Prophetﷺwill intercede for you
On that Day where he will be first to intercedeﷺ

Honor the guests who enter into your life
And hope that the Prophetﷺ, the Beloved of Allāhﷺ
Will accept you as his guestﷺ; and what a Hostﷺ

Hold high the blessed Sunnah of this Prophetﷺ
And hope that heﷺ will bring you into the circle
Of those who are written as his Spiritual Familyﷺ

Turn your gaze away from this world
And hope that this generous Prophetﷺ
Will turn his gaze upon your heartﷺ

Let the scent of his remembrance drench your homeﷺ
And hope that you will be granted a home
Right next to his in the Eternal Abodeﷺ

Fill to the brim your heart with the Noble Word he came withﷺ
And hope that your ears and your heart
Will receive a taste of his sweet melodious voiceﷺ

Restrain your hand from eating the impermissible
And hope that your flesh will be granted the gift
Of receiving the touch of his musk-scented handﷺ

Open your heart to his all-pervading loveﷺ
And hope that he will place his blessed hand
On your chest and pour secrets into your heartﷺ

O Allāh – send blessings and peace upon this Prophetﷺ
Our Hopeﷺ, our Prideﷺ, our Masterﷺ
Muḥammadﷺ, and upon his blessed family and noble companionsﷺ

– Lounès, In Praise of the Prophet ﷺ

( Lights of Yearning: In Praise of the Most Praised ﷺ )

* * *


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