Knowledge is a Means

Imam as-Shatibi al-Andalusi {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

العلـــم وسيلــــة من الوســـائل، ليس مقصوداً لنفسه من حيث النظر الشرعى، وإنما هو وسيلة إلى العمل، وكل ماورد فى فضل العلم فإنما هو ثابت للعلم من جهة ماهو مكلَّف بالعمل به…

“Knowledge is merely a means and according to the perspective of the Law is not sought for itself; it is a means to perform actions. Everything that is found regarding the merits of knowledge is adherence to knowledge in so far as it a means for the responsible person to act.”

{Kitab al-Muwafaqat, Volume 1 pg. 65}

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