Sayyiduna ʻUthman on Guidance Before Death

It is reported that Sayyiduna ʻUthman bin ʻAffan (Allah be pleased with him) once addressed the people in a sermon. He praised Allah, then said:

O people! Fear Allah and obey Him, for piety is a valuable prize. Verily the most intelligent person is he who takes account of himself and works for what comes after death, and acquires through the light (guidance) of Allāh a light for the darkness of the grave.

The servant of Allah should fear lest Allāh the Mighty and Sublime resurrects him blind though he used to see. A few comprehensive words can be enough for a wise man, whereas the deaf (who does not listen to guidance) is being called from afar.

And know that whoever Allah the Mighty and Sublime is with has nothing to fear; but whoever Allah the Mighty and Sublime is against, then in whom can he hope after Allah?

—Abu Bakr al-Daynuri, al-Mujalasah wa Jawahir al-ʻIlm 4:116-117.

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