Points on the ‘Id Prayers

  • Praying the two ‘id prayers is a confirmed sunna.
  • The imam and the people should leave for the prayer early in the morning so that by the time they arrive at the prayer place the time for the prayer has come.
  •  There is no adhan or iqama for the ‘id prayers.
  •  The imam leads the prayer in two rak’as, reciting outloud in each of them.
  • In the first rak’a he says seven takbirs including the takbir al-ihram. In the second he says five takbirs not including the takbir for standing up from sajda.
  •  There are two sajdas in each rak’a and the prayer is completed with the tashahhud followed the salam.
  •  The imam then gets up onto the minbar and gives a khutba. He sits before it begins and again in the middle.
  • It is recommended for the imam to return by a different route from the one he came by and this applies to everyone else as well.
  • On both the ‘Id al-Fitr and the ‘Id al-Adha the imam should do dhikr Allah outloud from the time he leaves his house until he arrives at the prayer-place. Everyone else does the same continuing until the arrival of the imam when they stop.
  • Every time the imam says the takbir during his khutba everyone else should repeat it to themselves. Otherwise they should remain silent and pay attention.
  • It is good to do ghusl for both the ‘ids but it is not necessary.
  • It is recommended to use perfume and to wear your best clothes.

– Taken from Hajja Aisha Bewley’s translation of al-Risala of Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (رحمة الله عليه).

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