Whom to Take Hadith From

[The student of Imam Malik] = Ibn Wahb said:

“Imam Malik looked towards al-’Attan ibn Khalid and said:

‘It has reached me that you {al-‘Attan} take knowledge from this one.’ I said, ‘Of course.’

So Imam Malik said,

‘[I ask because] = We only take Hadith from people of Fiqh.’

Imam Malik then said:

‘I even saw Ayyub as-Sakhtiyani in Mecca during two of his pilgrimages and I did not right anything down from him, but when I saw him on the third one; he was sitting in the courtyard of Zamzam, and when the Prophet Muhammad {Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him} was mentioned in his presence he would weep so much that I felt mercy for him. So when I saw that I wrote down Hadith from him.’”

{Is’af al-Mubatta fi Rijal al-Muwatta by Imam Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti}

~ May Allah have mercy upon them.

Source: bogvaerker.dk/isaf.html

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