The Virtues of Imam Malik’s Knowledge!

Ahmad ibn Salih al-Misri {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

“I do not know of anyone more giving to sifting narrators and people of knowledge than Malik, and I do not know of him narrating from anyone about whom there was something [cause for concern]. He narrated from a whole people none of whom are to be abandoned.”


Ibn Wahb {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

“Malik said, ‘I came upon people in Madinah whom if others had sought rain [from Allah] by means of them they would have been given water, and they had heard a great deal of knowledge and hadith, but I took nothing from any of them. That is because they had obligated themselves with fear of Allah and doing without, whereas this business – meaning hadith and fatwa – needs a man who has taqwa, scrupulousness, careful preservation [of knowledge], exacting mastery, knowledge, understanding, and knowing what comes out of his head and what will come to him tomorrow on the [Day of] Rising. As for doing without [the world] without exacting mastery and without ma’rifah, then there is no benefit in it, it is no proof, and knowledge is not to be taken from them.’”
{Is’af al-Mubatta fi Rijal al-Muwatta by Imam as-Suyuti;}

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