The Greatness of Imam Malik’s Classes

Imam Sufyan ath-Thawri رحمه الله entered into a gathering of Imam Malik’s  رحمه الله and was amazed at the respect they gave the Imam.

Imam Sufyan رحمه الله then recited:

يأبى الجواب فلا يراجع هيبة          والسائلون نواكس الأذقان

أدب الوقار وعز سلطان التقى       فهو المهيب وليس ذا سلطان

” He refuses to answer, will not return {an answer} out of awe{of Allah}.

Those who ask sit with their necks bent

Refined manners, grace, and the dignity of a chief of piety

He inspires awe, yet he is no king. ”


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