Malikis & Dogs

By Mufti Musa Furber The following is related to a discussion thread about Mālikīs keeping dogs as house pets that got axed (and for good reasons). Since I spent a lot of time working on a few papers related to dogs, I thought I would paste in some things from my notes: The four extent …

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Imam Malik’s Saying “I Do Not Know!”

  Shaykh al-Haytham ibn Jamil {May Allah have Mercy upon them} said:   الإمام مالك أنه سئل عن ثماني وأربعين مسألة فقال في اثنين وثلاثين منها: لا أدري   “I heard Imam Malik {May Allah have Mercy upon him} being asked about 48 questions and he replied to 32 of them by saying, ‘I don’t …

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Transliteration: Salāt ‘alā al-Nabī

Transliteration of the Salāt ‘alā al-Nabī, according to Mālikī fiqh: Allāhumma salli ‘alā Muhammadin wa ‘alā āli Muhammad, kamā sallayta ‘alā Ibrāhīma wa ‘alā āli Ibrāhīm. Wa bārik ‘alā Muhammadin wa ‘alā āli Muhammad, kamā bārakta ‘alā Ibrāhīma wa ‘alā āli Ibrāhīm. Fil-’ālamīn, innaka Hamīdun Majīd.