Etiquette Before Knowledge

It is reported that Imam Malik ibn Anas {May Allah have Mercy upon them} once said to a young boy from among the Quraysh: “O! Son of my brother, learn etiquette before you acquire knowledge.” مَالِكَ بْنَ أَنَسٍ ، يَقُولُ لِفَتًى مِنْ قُرَيْشٍ : يَا ابْنَ أَخِي ، تَعَلَّمَ الأَدَبُ قَبْلَ أَنْ تَتَعَلَّمَ الْعِلْمَ {The …

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Abbreviating the Salawat

Many people often use [SAW, PBUH, s.a.w, etc] after mentioning the Prophet Muhammad’s صلى الله عليه و آله و صحبه و سلم name. Imam an-Nawawi رحمه الله explains: It is recommended {Mustahabb} for a person who writes down Hadith that at the mentioning of the Messenger of Allah {peace and blessings of Allah be upon …

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