Qadi Iyyad ~ The 7 Saints of Marrakech ~

Qadi Iyyad, also known as Abu al-Fadl Iyyad ibn Amir ibn Musa ibn Iyyad ibn Muhammad ibn Abdullahi ibn Musa ibn Iyyad al-Yahsubi as-Sabti أبو الفضل عياض بن موسى بن عياض بن عمرون بن موسى بن عياض بن محمد بن عبد الله بن موسى بن عياض اليحصبي السبتي


Qadi Iyyad was born in the year 1083  in Gibraltar and passed away in 1149.


He was the Imam of Ceuta and then he went on to become the Qadi {High Judge} of the city of Granada.

He was a true man of Allah who had no fear and he actually headed a revolt against the Almohades to Ceuta, al~Andalusia but he lost and was banished to Tadla, Morocco and later Marrakech.


Qadi Iyyad is one of the 7 saints of Marrakech and is buried near Bab Aïlen.

The others being Sidi as-Suhayli

Sidi Yusuf ibn Ali

Sidi Bel Abbas

Sidi ibn Sulayman al-Jazouli

Sidi Abd al-Aziz at-Teba’

Sidi Abdullah al-Ghazwani

~ May Allah have mercy on their souls.


Qadi Iyyad’s most famous books are called  = Kitab As-Shifa bi-ta’rif Huquq al-Mustafa on the virtues and manners of the Prophet Muhammad {peace and blessings of Allah be upon him} and Tartib al-Mardarik wa-Taqrib al-masalik li-Ma’rifat ala’m Madhab Malik, this book is a collection of biographies of eminent Maliki Scholars.

~ He is so famous that the University of Marrakech {Cadi Ayyad, Qadi Iyyad} was named after him.

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