Mukhtasar al-Akhdari Recitation and Explanation

Mukhtasar al-Akhdari Recitation and Explanation

by Ustadh Rami Nsour  

Lamppost Productions is pleased to present this special MP3 recording of Ustadh Rami Nsour’s recitation and explanation of the famed Maliki fiqh text on Prayer and Purification!

Download the MP3 files and a english translation of the text for this course by clicking the links below!

As you study and listen to this course, please send Ustadh Rami your questions by emailing us at

Al-Akhdari Arabic Recitation

Al-Akhdari Part 1

Al-Akhdari Part 2

Al-Akhdari Part 3

Al-Akhdari Part 4

English Text Translation of Al-Akhdari

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