Imam Malik’s Hadiths

Imam ash-Shafi’i made the following two statements,

“After the Book of Allah, there is no book on the face of the earth sounder than the book of Malik.”

“No book has ever been placed upon the face of the earth that is closer to the Qur’an than the book of Malik.”

{Tanwir al-Hawalik; Hilyatul’ Awliyah; at-Tamhid, Volume. 1, pg. 77 via Yahya ibn ‘Uthman ibn Salih Harun ibn Sa’id Imam Shafi’i.}

Bundar narrated that another top scholar, Ibn Mahdi said:

““We do not know of a book in Islam, after the Book of Allah, that is more authentic than Imam Malik’s book the Muwatta.”

{Siyar A’lam an-Nubala’, Volume. 9, pg. 205}

Hafiz Ibn Hajar said:

“The book of Malik is sound by all the criteria that are demanded as proofs in the mursal, munqati’ and other types of transmission.”

{Related by Hafiz ibn Hajr}

Imam as-Suyuti said:

“The mursal Hadith in it are a proof with him {Imam ash-Shafi’i} as well because the mursal is a proof with us when it is properly supported. Every mursal in the Muwatta’ has one or more supports.”

Shaykh Muhammad an-Ninowi {May Allah increase him in every good} told me:

“Imam Malik was not only a master of Fiqh, he was a Master of Hadith and the Imam truly mastered the sciences of Hadith and was most protective of them. He would become more concerned with Hadith at one time of his life and with Fiqh at another time. His book the Muwatta is sound no doubt.”


In regard to Hadith, Imam al-Bukhari praised Imam Malik as being within the strongest chain of narration when he said:

“The soundest Isnads {chains of narration} of all are those of Malik from Nafi’ from Ibn ‘Umar’.”

{Taqrib at-Tahdhib by Hafiz Ibn Hajar}

The teacher of Imam Bukhari, = The Muhaddith Ali bin al-Madini said:

“Imam Malik never narrates except from the trustworthy narrators.”

The Muhaddith, Mujtahid, Imam Ahmad ibn Hambal said:

“Everyone whom Imam Malik narrates from is trustworthy.”

Imam ash-Shafi’i said:

“When the scholars are mentioned, {Imam} Malik is the star.”

Ahmad ibn al-Khalil said that he heard Ishaq ibn Ibrahim {Ibn Rahawayh} say:

“When {Imams} ath-Thawri, Malik and al-Awza’i agree on a matter, it is Sunnah, even if there is no text on it.”

{Tadhkirah al-Huffaz}

Rahimahullahi Ta’Ala

~ The Virtues of Imam Malik 101

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