Imam Malik & Righteous Deeds

[Shaykh] ‘Abdullahi al-Umari wrote a letter to Imam Malik [to isolate himself], so Imam Malik responded to his letter by saying:

“Indeed Allah has distributed righteous deeds among His servants just as He distributed their provision among them.

So perhaps a man may find it easy to perform an abundance of prayers while finding it difficult to fast.

Another might find it easy to give Sadaqa while finding it difficult to fast but someone else may find it easy to struggle in the path of Allah.

Spreading sound knowledge is one of the most virtuous acts of righteousness and I am pleased with it being something that Allah has made easy for me to do. And I don’t think that what I am doing of spreading Islamic knowledge is any less in reward than what you are doing. I hope that both of us are upon goodness and righteousness.”

{Siyar A’lam An-Nubala’ ~ The Lives of the Noble Figures ~ Volume 8, pg. 115}

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