Imam al-Awza’i on Learning

Imam Abu Amr Al-Awza’i {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

تعلم ما لا يؤخذ به, كما تعلم ما يؤخذ به

“Learn that which will not be relied upon, just as you learn that which will be relied upon.”

{Tarikh Ibn ’Asakir, 35/186}

And he {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

عن الأوزاعي قال طالب العلم بلا سكينة ولا حلم كالإناء المنخرق كلما حمل فيه شئ تناثر

“A student of knowledge who has no tranquility and no patience is like a punctured container, whenever something is carried in it vanishes.”

{Tarikh ibn ‘Asakir, 35/185}

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