Course: Fundamental Maliki Jurisprudence I

New online Maliki course: Fundamental Maliki Jurisprudence I

“This thirteen-session online seminar will cover the rules that govern the basics of Islamic ritual worship according to the Qur’an and the prophetic Sunnah as interpreted in the school of Imam Malik ibn Anas. Topics to be covered: Learn the meaning of fiqh, the ruling of ritual prayer (Salat), obligatory & superogatory prayers, the etiquettes of supplication (du’a), the status of the one who abandons prayer, apostasy, are non-Muslims legally obliged to pray, prerequisites for the validity of prayer, what nullifies the prayer, how to correct mistakes in the prayer, who is not fit for prayer, praying seated, praying behind one who is seated, traveling prayer, recommendations for enhancing focus in prayer, and much more. Classes are pre-recorded with a live question and answer session with Shaykh Abdullah.”

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