7 Quick Facts about Imam Malik

Quick facts concerning Imam Malik ibn Anas:

1} Imam Malik wrote out over 100,000 Ahadith.

2} Imam Malik compiled his most famous book al-Muwatta in 40 years.

3} Imam Malik started off with 10,000 Ahadith in the Muwatta, however he ended up putting 1,720 within it.

4} The book al-Muwatta was approved of by 70 scholars of Madinah.

5} Imam Malik is within the strongest chain of narration, known as the Golden Chain or Silsilah ad-Dhahabiyyah. There are 80 of these narrations within the Muwatta.

6} Imam Malik knew someone by the name of Abdul Aziz[1] who also had a book named al-Muwatta, but only the Imam’s became famous.

7} Imam Malik lived through the rule of over a dozen different Caliphs.

May Allah be well pleased with him.Footnote:
[1] The full name of Abdul Aziz was Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullahi ibn Abi Salma, another student of Ibn Hurmuz and Allah always knows best.—Originally posted by Ustadh Luqman al-Andalusi on the Maliki Madhhab Facebook group.

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