Imam Malik’s 900 Shaykhs

February 13, 2012 Comments Off on Imam Malik’s 900 Shaykhs

Shaykh Janun رحمه الله in his commentary on the book of Malik “Muwatta” mentioned what Qadi Iyad رحمه الله said:

” The Shuyukh of Imam Malik رحمه الله were 900 Shaykhs. 300 were from the Tabi’een and 600 from the Tabi Tabi’een. And Imam Malik says that ‘for thirteen years I was sitting from Fajr prayer to sunset getting knowledge from these Shaykhs.

A different one in a different period. And I have a knowledge from the Tabi’een and the Tabi’ Tabi’een who got it from the Sahaba that I never mentioned to any human being and I never wrote it in books.'{i.e. because not everyone can understand this level of knowledge unless they are a high-level ‘Alim or a pure man of pure faith}”

– Originally posted by Ustadh Luqman al-Andalusi


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