The Light of Knowledge

February 3, 2019 Comments Off on The Light of Knowledge

Imam Malik ibn Anas, May Allah have mercy upon him, said:

وَقَالَ أَحْمَد بْن صَالِح الْمِصْرِيّ عَنْ اِبْن وَهْب عَنْ مَالِك قَالَ : إِنَّ الْعِلْم لَيْسَ بِكَثْرَةِ الرِّوَايَة وَإِنَّمَا الْعِلْم نُور يَجْعَلهُ اللَّه فِي الْقَلْب .

“Knowledge doesn’t consist of narrating many narrations, indeed, knowledge is but a light which Allah places in the heart.”

(Tafsir Quran al-Azim, reported on the authority of Ahmad ibn Salih al-Misri and the early Maliki, Egyptian Jurist -‘Abdullahi ibn Wahb)


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