There is No Tasawwuf Without Fiqh

Imam Ahmad Zarruq رحمه الله said in under the 4th Principle of his Qawa’id al-Tasawwuf: “There is no tasawwuf without fiqh; because there is no other way to understand the commandments of Allah that concern the exterior except by fiqh. and fiqh is nothing without tasawwuf; because deeds have no meaning unless accompanied by sincerety …

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Four Levels of Scrupulousness

The shaykh and mujaddid, ‘Uthman dan Fodio describes four levels of al-war’a (scrupulousness) with regards to halal and haram: “As for what is permissible (halal) and forbidden (haram) – showing devout scrupulousness with regard to what is forbidden is apart of the deen. Devout scrupulousness (al-war’a) has four degrees: [1] Devout scrupulousness which is a …

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