The Sweetness of Worship

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Ahmad bin Harb {May Allah have mercy upon him} said:

عبدت الله خمسين سنة، فما وجدت حلاوة العبادة حتى تركت ثلاثة أشياء: تركت رضى الناس حتى قدرت أن أتكلم بالحق، وتركت صحبة الفاسقين حتى وجدت صحبة الصالحين، وتركت حلاوة الدنيا حتى وجدت حلاوة الآخرة

“I worshiped Allah for fifty years, I wasn’t able to find the sweetness of worship until I abstained three things:

1} I abstained from seeking the acceptance of people, so I was able to speak the truth.

2} I abstained the companionship of the sinner, so I was able to accompany the righteous.

3} I abstained from the sweetness of the life of this world, so I was able to find the sweetness of the afterlife.”

{The Lives of the Noble Figures, Siyar A’lam an-Nubala’, Volume 11 pg. 34}


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