The Strongly Crafted Ark

January 31, 2019 Comments Off on The Strongly Crafted Ark

As we tread through the deep seas of life,
our protection against any storm along the way,
shall be the strongly crafted Ark [Safinah]
of the prophetic Household [Ahlul-Bayt],
with all of its glory and magnificence,
her sails being set as strong as the sea itself,
her hull so reinforced it dances on the waves like dolphins celebrating the arrival of their sustenance,
she rides the sea with a crew full of dreamers,
her cargo full of spiritual treasure,
her destination the straight path,
a vessel that soars high and strong,
bearing all burdens,
interceding for those in the wrong,
her guidance system leads upon faith,
within a highly resilient, unbreakable shell.
She is headed by the ship master ﷺ,
Al-Mustafa, the chosen one,
the best of creation ﷺ,
the most experienced captain in the world ﷺ,
one whose gentle breeze will safely carry us through any storm ﷺ,
there is no need for Wi-Fi or GPS on this journey,
for most certainly, he ﷺ is the compass,
the guider, the captain of bravery and valor ﷺ,
he ﷺ like an arrowhead directing us homeward bound,
the one who gives enough spiritual purification to the soul that it will wash away all evil deeds ﷺ,
the one whose kindness is purer than the clear, untouched waters of the deepest seas and all of the creatures within it ﷺ,
indeed, his light ﷺ shines upon the hearts of the righteous,
hearts that insist to be by his side,
knowing that he ﷺ is both the ship master,
the guidance system and the map of our lives,
he is the direction of our destinations ﷺ,
he is the only one that can hoist sails from fallen dreams ﷺ,
the navigator whose blessings are worth more than the number of constellations scattered about like diamonds in the sky ﷺ,
he is the rank captain who knows the deep seas better than anyone else ﷺ,
he is the ‘capitaine de vaisseau” ﷺ,
the one who can face any and all waves and the winds that blow upon them ﷺ;
even if the skies turn grey, and
even if the seas were to turn into a predator looking for their prey,
still, against all odds,
he ﷺ will steady the helm-full mainsail,
and we’ll ride the currents wherever he ﷺ takes us,
with his crew of family and friends,
this ship is indestructible and can traverse everywhere and through everything.
Yet, even with this description,
no worldly description can truly capture the majesty of the ship or its captain,
the above praise is only a drop in the ocean of their reality, words can hardly express the overwhelming beauty,
O! What an honor it is to be upon this ship.



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