The Reality of Tasawwuf #2

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فقيها وصوفيا فكن ليس واحدا فإني وحق الله إياك أنصح

فذلك قاس  لم يذق قلبه  تقى


Faqihan wa-Sufiyyan fakun laysa wahidan

fa inni wa-haqqiLLahi iyyaka ansahu

Fadhalika qasin lam yadhuq qalbuhu tuqan

wahadha jahulun kayfa dhul-jahli yasluhu

Be both a person of jurisprudence and tasawwuf – never just one of the two.

Truly, by the Divine Right, I am advising you sincerely!

For the former is hardened, his heart tastes no awarness of Allah,

While the latter is ignorant, and of what use are the ignorant?




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