The Reality of Tasawwuf #1

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Sidi Ahmad az-Zarruq {May Allah have mercy on him} says in his book the Rules of the Path of Sufism:

Rule # 61 = The knowledge of anything may only be taken from those who possess it.

” So know that a Sufi is not to be relied upon in the matters of jurisprudence unless his mastery of it is known. 

Nor is a scholar of jurisprudence to be relied upon in Sufism unless his realization of it is known.

Nor is a Hadith scholar to be relied upon in either unless he is competent in them.

Thus the seeker in the path of Sufism must take knowledge of the Sacred Law from scholars of jurisprudence; he should return to those realized in tariqah in what concerns bettering his inner self regarding it {jurisprudence} and other than it {Hadith}“

{Qawa‘id at-Tasawwuf, 36}


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