The Qurʼān on the Qurʼān

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Allāh says (interpretation of the meaning):

“Say: ‘If the mankind and the jinn were together to produce the like of this Qurʼān, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another’.” (Al-Isrā’, 17:88)

“Had We sent down this Qurʼān on a mountain, you would surely have seen it humbling itself and rending asunder by the fear of Allāh. Such are the parables which We put forward to mankind that they may reflect.” (Al-Ḥashr 59:21)

“This is the Book (the Qurʼān), whereof there is no doubt, a guidance to those who are al-Muttaqūn (the pious).” (Al-Baqara, 2:2)

“(It is) He Who has sent down the Book (the Qur’an) to you (O Muḥammad ﷺ) with truth, confirming what came before it.” (Āl ʻImrān, 3:3)

“And We have sent down to you (O Muḥammad ﷺ) the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims.” (Al-Naḥl, 16:89)


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