The Mercy of Allah is Close to the Believers

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One of the most beautiful examples of the excellence of not being able to curse the Sahaba is in the form of the joker Nuayman ibn Amr, Allah be pleased with him.

Now, on top of being known for his pranks, Nuayman too was known to have issues with alcohol and at times he even drank publicly.

Despite knowing the ruling [Hukm] of Islam towards the intoxicating liquor, Nuayman struggled throughout life with breaking his addiction, and was flogged twice publicly for drinking.

Upon the second flogging, Umar ibn al-Khattab, Allah be pleased with him, was angered by Nuayman’s behavior, and then said harshly,

“La‘natullahi Alayhi – may the curse of Allah be upon him”.

So, when the Messenger of Allah, Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him and his family, heard that, he said,

“Don’t you dare curse him, for He loves Allah and His Messenger. The major sin (in this case drinking) does not put one outside the community of Muslims and the mercy of Allah is close to the believers.”

Alhamdulillah, look at the mercy of Allah and His Messenger, Ya Allah, this Hadith gives proof to Imam al-Bukhari and others’ position that “one does not get thrown out of the yoke of Islam by committing a major sin.” It is very important to know this as a Muslim.

As I myself deal with many from the hood, Muslims included, who have these problems, this Hadith and the Prophet’s merciful treatment towards Nuayman must be taught in the streets and may Allah make it easy. This will give hope to recovery.

It is a story of hope and mercy, wa Salla’Allahu ala Sayyiduna Muhammadin wa Ala Aalihi wa Sahbihi wa Sallam.


Imam Abu Nu‘aym related it and said after quoting it:

“It is Sahih/authentic and proven, with a Sahih Isnad – chain of narration.”

Imam Al-Haythami said in his al-Majma az-Zawaid‘:

“It was narrated by Imam Abu Ya‘la and its men are the men of the Sahih.”

Imam al-Bukhari narrated a shorter version you see above, in his Sahih, Hadith #6780


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