Sunna Institute Islamic Courses

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Sunna Institute Islamic Courses

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Message from the Sunna Institute:

Director: Shaykh Naeem Abdul Wali

The Sunna Institute aims to be a unique educational resource that brings us closer to Allah, The Exalted, through spirituality and knowledge. We hope to be of benefit as a one of a kind grass roots organization here locally in Houston, TX. Our main focus is a full time and tuition free ‘alim program, but we also offer free online courses and seminars covering pertinent and interesting topics for today’s Muslim in the West. Stay up to date with all of our events by following us onTwitter and liking our Facebook page! Be sure to subscribe and check out our videos on YouTube and Vimeo too!

Why Sunna Institute?

Throughout the short history of American Muslims, our local imams and shuyukh (scholars) were immigrants mostly. However, with our roots established in America now, a need of locally raised scholars that understand the American context is growing. The Sunna Institute offers a free program at no cost to the student. Room and board will also be available at no charge to ensure that students will need only to focus on their studies.

The Vision of the Sunna Institute

Our purpose is to teach those who aspire to delve deeper into classical scholarly texts in light of the needs of the American society. We are here to help establish the fard kifaya (communal obligation) of cultivating scholars and spreading knowledge locally through our curriculum which is firmly rooted in the corpus of the most highly renowned and respected classical Islamic scholars. Transmitting Islamic knowledge and practice to our passionate students from reliable texts is our goal.

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