Sayyidunā Abū Bakr al-Ṣiddīq Leading the Prayer

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In a Sahih Hadith narrated on the authority of Aisha {May Allah be pleased with her}, that the Messenger of Allah {ﷺ} told Abu Bakr {May Allah be pleased with him} to lead the people in prayer when he was sick, and Abu Bakr used to lead them in prayer.

Then the Messenger of Allah {ﷺ} began to feel a little better, so he came out, and saw Abu Bakr leading the people in prayer.

When Abu Bakr saw him, he stepped back, but the Messenger of Allah {ﷺ} gestured to him to stay where he was.

Then the Messenger of Allah {ﷺ} sat beside Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr was following the prayer of the Messenger of Allah {ﷺ}, and the people were following the prayer of Abu Bakr.”

{Sunan of Imam ibn Majah}


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