Red Soil

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Umm Salamah, Allah be pleased with her, narrates:

“One night, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ woke up in a very disturbed state, I saw him holding red soil in his hand. He was kissing it while shedding tears. I asked him, ‘O Messenger of Allah! What is that soil?’

He said, The Angel Gabriel has informed me that my son al-Husayn will be martyred near the Euphrates.

I asked Gabriel, ‘Show me the soil where al-Husayn’s blood will be spilled’ Thus, Gabriel/Jibra’il brought this soil and gave it to me.’”

(Related by Imam al-Hakim in his Mustadrak ‘ala al-Sahihayn)

Alayhimus Salam.


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