Priceless Advice

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Sultan Al-Awliyah Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jaylani’s priceless advice:

He, Allah sanctify his secret, said: O young man! Attend to your own needs, be useful to yourself and then to others. Do not be like the candle that burns itself out while providing light for others. Do not embark on something on account of you, your passions (hawa) and your lower self (nafs). When the Lord of Truth wants you for some purpose, He will equip you for it. If He wishes you to be useful to His creatures, He will send you back to them, and He will give you firmness and courtesy for dealing with them, as well as strength to endure the trouble they cause. He will make room in your heart for creatures. He will open your breast wide and fill it with the elements of wisdom (hikam). He will take care of your inner and gladden your innermost being (sirr). So now it will be He, not you. Surely you have heard His Words. “O David, We have appointed you as viceroy in the earth.” (Al-Quran 38:26) He did not say, “you have appointed yourself.”

(Jalail Al-Khawatir – The Removal of Cares – translated by Hajji Muhtar Holland)


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