Good and Bad Students

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Sayyiduna Shaykh ‘Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani رحمه الله was asked with exclamation, “Your students are not the same; some are good and some are bad!”

He answered, “the good is for us and we are for the bad,” meaning that we benefit from the good disciples and we benefit the bad ones.

This means that the good ones who are ready for the Divine treasures will take from us to fill in their vessels so they are for us. The friends of Allah look for their heirs as an owner of a jewel looks for a safe box for it. As for the bad ones, they are here in order for us to empty in their vessels of all impurities; they could not do it by themselves. We take from these something and give those something.
In another way, people with bad behaviour join the sufi way and accompany shaykhs to find a way to repent and get rid of their sins and bad habits. Good people join the sufi way in order to reach higher spiritual states and attain ma’rifa. Therefore, no one should complain if they see brothers or sisters misbehaving at each other or even around the shaykh; if they do not make mistakes they will not be corrected. They are around us in order to help them. In the same way, good murids should not complain about misbehavior of other murids; they should help them improve.

– Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi



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