Giving to the Needy

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Imam al-Hasan ibn Ali, Alayhimus Salam, gave all his money to the needy twice, seeking only the pleasure of Allah, and then on three other occasions, he gave half his money to the needy.

He would even give a single shoe if someone needed it and would just retain the other, and he would give a single sandal (if someone’s sandal broke) and retain the other.

When he (Imam Al-Hasan) approached the door of the Masjid, he would say:

‘O Lord! Your guest is at Your gate. O Generous One! The transgressor has come to You. Forgive me my ugly deeds with Your Generosity. O Generous One!’

When he remembered death he wept.
When he thought of the grave he wept.
When he thought of the Resurrection and Day of Judgment he gasped so deeply and painfully that he fainted because of it.

When he recited the Qur’an and came across a verse addressing the faithful by these words:

‘O you who believe…,’ he said: ‘Here I am, my Lord, here I am…’

(Related by Imam Abu Nuaym Al-Asbahani in his Hilyatul Awliyah and Imam ibn Sa’d in his Tabaqat al-Kubra)


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