Four Aspects

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Imam Abu’l Hasan as-Shadhili {May Allah sanctify his secret} said:

Sincerity has only four aspects:

1} What sincerity is;

2} who the sincere person is;

3} in what he is sincere; and

4} toward whom he is sincere.

It is of two kinds:

1} Sincerity of the faithful ones {Sadiqin}, and

2} Sincerity of the utterly faithful {Siddiqin}.

The sincerity of the faithful ones is for the purpose of seeking remuneration and reward, while the sincerity of the utterly sincere mystics is to gain the consciousness of the Being of the True One, having him as the goal and nothing else.

If anyone has that implanted in his heart, he is the one excepted in the saying of His enemy who said,

“Certainly I will beguile all of them except those servants of Yours from among them who are sincere!”

{Related by ibn As-Sabbagh in Durrat al-Asrar wa Tuhfat al-Abrar pg. 125}


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