Beware of Lying

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Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al-Siddiq (573-634 C.E), May Allah be well pleased with him, said:

“Beware of lying, because lying takes you far away from having faith [Iman].”

(Related by the great scholar of the Science of Hadith – Imam al-Bayhaqi in his book – Shuʿab Al-Iman/The Branches of Faith)

Extra Notes:

1) Sayyiduna Abu Bakr is the best friend of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and supported him for his entire life with both his person and wealth.

2) He made the migration to Madinah alongside Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

3) He is the beloved father of Umm al-Mu’minin – Aisha, Allah be well pleased with her, whom is one of the favorite wives of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, along with being a great Sahabiyat scholar of law. She learned law and other sciences directly within the Suhba (spiritual training) of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

4) His full name is Abdullah ibn Abi Quhayfah. In other words, he is Abu Bakr; the son of Uthman Abu Quhafa; the son of Amar; the son of Umru; the son of Sa’d; the son of Taym; the son of Murrah; the son of Ka’ab.

5) Hafiz ibn Hajar related in his book = al-Isabah. “It has been narrated from Qasim Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abi Bakr,

“I asked Umm al-Mu’minin Aisha about the name of her father, and she said it was Abdullah.”

I said, so why are people saying his name was Ateeq. She said it is because my grandfather – Abu Quhafa had three sons, Abu Bakr is nicknamed Ateeq, then there is Mu’taq and Utayq; and all three names are very similar to one another and derived from the same root.” In some books the other two names are written as = Mu’ataq and Mu’aytaq.

6) The Hafiz and others explain that Sayyidina Abu Bakr’s mother = Umm al-Khayr (Salma bint Sakhr ibn Amr ibn Ka’ab) and Abu Quhayfah were trying to have children and she kept having miscarriages and thus when Sayyidina Abu Bakr was born he was given the nickname Ateeq because one of the meanings is = “The one who overcame death/or the one who was exempted from death.” Meaning, he survived the child birthing.

7) He is known as al-Siddiq or the trusted one because he accepted the Prophet’s account of the Isra wal Miraj without doubting him in the least bit. May Allah be well pleased with Sayyidina Abu Bakr. His reign was short, yet in a little over 2 years he spread the Deen of Islam far and wide and he also stopped a rebellion from happening.

May Allah be well pleased with Sayyidina Abu Bakr al-Siddiq.


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