A Didactical Poem Mukhtasar al-Akhdari by al-Shinqiti

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A new English translation of al-Shinqiti’s Nadhm al-Akhdari has been added to our e-books section.

The translator’s note:

Herein lies a translation, Nadhm al-Akhdarī, a didactic poem composed by one of the
great scholars of West Africa, Mauritania, ‘Abdullah ibn Ahmad ibn al-Hājj al-Qalāwī
ash-Shinqītī. This dense poem is a derivative of the legendary beginners’ text in the
Mālikī Madhhab, Mukhtasar al-Akhdarī, named after its author, Shaykh ‘Abdurrahmān
ibn Muhammad al-Akhdarī. I originally set out to pen a commentary on the poem,
which I successfully accomplished. However due to the technical nature of
Jurisprudence; I felt a theoretical commentary would not suffice, I therefore decided
to make an oral commentary on the poem in audiovisual format, which was shared
with fellows students and devotees.

I pray that Allāh accepts this effort and that He makes it a means by which our
religious individual obligations are enhanced. Just as Allah has blessed the one who
wrote it, may He equally bless and forgive the one who translated it, the one who
reads it and shares it.

The needy servant
Abdulqādir Mandla Nkosi.
Tshwane, South Africa


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