100 Jewels of Hadith

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We would like students to memorize at least 100 Hadith in their lifetime and to help them do that we are now offering a free pdf of the 100 Jewels of Hadith: 100 Short Hadith to Memorize.

Download link: muwatta.com/…/100-Jewels-of-Hadith-Jawahir-Media.pdf

Table of Contents:

Section 1 – The Book of Purification and Prayer
Section 2 – The Virtues of the Qur’an
Section 3 – The Book of Faith and Dhikr
Section 4 – The Importance of Having Love for the Prophet Muhammad
Section 5 – The Importance of Having Love for the Prophetic Household
Section 6 – The Book of Peace, Love and Mercy
Section 7 – The Book of Deeds to Avoid
Section 8 – The Virtues of the Holy Cities
Section 9 – The Book of Food
Section 10 – The Book of Fasting
Section 11 – The Book of Livelihood
Section 12 – The Book of Ornaments

The 100 Jewels of Hadith is compiled with the intention of benefiting the student of knowledge who may want to memorize at least 40 Hadith in their lifetime.
With the easy Arabic font and diacritical marks, it should not be hard at all for a serious student to benefit from this work In Sha Allah.

~ Ustadh Luqman al-Andalusi (Luis Jijon)


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