08 • Quotes from Famous Imams of Islam

In this section, one will learn about the Lives of the Most Famous Imams in the History of Islam.

The Importance of Isnad {Proper Chains of Narration}

The Importance of Isnad {Proper Chains of Narration}
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Imam an-Nawawi {May Allah have mercy upon him} said: ” Praise be to Allah. Who singled out this nation with the science of Isnad, {this privilege} is shared by no other nation. “ {Sharh Sahih Muslim} Read More »

Reminder from Imam al-Awza’i

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  Imam al-Awza’i {Abu Amr} said: قال أبو عمرو: ليس ساعة من ساعات الدنيا إلا وهي معروضة على العبد يوم القيامة, يوما فيوما, وساعة فساعة. ولا تمر به ساعة لم يذكر الله تعالى فيها إلا تقطعت نفسه عليها حسرات, فكيف ... Read More »

Be the friend of Allah at all times.

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On the authority of Imam al-Awza’i from Bilal bin Sa’d {May Allah have mercy upon them} who said: “Do NOT be the wali {friend} of Allah in public and His enemy in private.” {Related by Ibn Abi Dunya in his ... Read More »

Imam ash-Shafi’i’s Childhood.

Imam ash-Shafi’i’s Childhood.
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Imam ash-Shafiʿi {May Allah have mercy upon him} said: “I grew up in Sham and my mother would prepare me to seek knowledge in Mecca from the age of ten. She didn’t own anything, so I had to use bones ... Read More »

Imam Ahmad Zarruq on Tasawwuf & Shari’a

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Imam Ahmad Zarruq (رحمة الله عليه), the 15th century Maliki scholar and Muhaddith, commenting on the indispensability of both Tasawwuf (Sufism) and the Shariah: “So there is no Tasawwuf except through comprehension of Sacred Law or Shari’a, for the outward ... Read More »

The Straight Path of Knowledge

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Imam al-Hasan al-Basri ~ May Allah have mercy on him ~ said: ” One who acts without knowledge is like one who travels off the path; and the one who acts without knowledge corrupts more than he rectifies. So seek ... Read More »

Learning Tajwid

Learning Tajwid
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Imam Ibn al-Jazari (d. 833 AH / 1429 CE) رحمة الله عليه the greatest authority of the disciplines of Quran recitation (tajwid) and canonical Quran transmissions (qira’at), said in verse, “It is obligatory to train oneself to recite the Quran ... Read More »

Imam ash~Shafi’i

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Abū Mansūr Al-Baghdādī in Manāqib Ash-Shāfi’ī and Naqd Abī Abdullāh Al-Jurjānī fi Tarjīḥ Madhhab Abī Hanīfah related the following example of the Imām’s perspicuity at an early age: “Al-Shāfi’ī was sitting at Mālik’s feet one day when a man came ... Read More »

The Importance of Praying in the Masjid!!!

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“ For forty years, the Adhan was never called but Sa`id bin al-Musayyib {May Allah have mercy on him}was in the Masjid before it was called.“ Imam Sufyan bin `Uyaynah {May Allah have mercy on him} said: “Honoring the prayer ... Read More »

Imam Malik’s love for the Prophet Muhammad

Imam Malik’s love for the Prophet Muhammad
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It is reported that Imam Jafar as-Sadiq رحمه الله would turn pale whenever he heard the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و آله و صحبه و سلم mentioned. From this, Imam Malik رحمه الله would not mention a Hadith except ... Read More »